EPL shirt sponsorship deals - See How Much Your Club Will Earn Next Season

Champions Chelsea will pocket £40m in 2015/16 after negotiating a deal with Yokohama, taking the total amount earned by the 20 teams to £218.65m.

Manchester United's deal with Chevrolet will earn them a staggering £47m, meaning they account for 21.5 per cent of the whole league's earnings.

Arsenal (£30m), Liverpool (£25m) and Manchester City (£20m) complete the top five while Tottenham (£16m) are the only other team to earn more than £10m.

In total, those six clubs represent more than 81 per cent of the total earnings from shirt sponsorship.

Members of Manchester United pose for the team photo Getty 
Top of the pile: Manchester United will earn £47m from Chevrolet in 2015/16 

Crystal Palace and Bournemouth will receive the smallest amounts. Both clubs are sponsored by Mansion and will earn £750,000.

The coming season's shirt deals will represent a 14 per cent rise on 2014/15 (£191.35m).

It's also more than double what the 18 Bundesliga sides will receive from their equivalent deals in 2015/16 (£101m).

Unsurprisingly, more of the sponsors (five) are based in the UK than any other nation while gambling is the industry that features most frequently on the shirts.

New Crystal Palace away kit
Slumming it: Crystal Palace will earn just £750,000 next season from Mansion 
  1. Man United - Chevrolet - £47m
  2. Chelsea - Yokohama - £40m
  3. Arsenal - Fly Emirates - £30m
  4. Liverpool - Standard Chartered - £25m
  5. Man City - Eithad - £20m
  6. Tottenham - AIA - £16m
  7. Newcastle - Wonga -£6m
  8. West Ham - Betway - £6m
  9. Everton - Chang Beer - £5.3m
  10. Aston Villa - Dafabet - £5m
  11. Sunderland - Bidvest - £5m
  12. Swansea - GWFX - £4m
  13. Stoke City - Bet365 - £3m
  14. Watford - 138.com - £1.4m
  15. West Brom - Intuit Quickbooks -£1.2m
  16. Leicester City - King Power - £1m
  17. Norwich City - Aviva - £1m
  18. Southampton - Veho - £1m
  19. Bournemouth - Mansion - £750,000
  20. Crystal Palace - Mansion - £750,000

Total: £218.65m (Source: Sporting Intelligence)


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