R2Bees' PaeDae and Mugeez Reveal How Much Money They Make In Music

PaeDae said;

"When we were beginning, we knew we were going to make a difference. We didnt know how but we just knew things were going to happen. One of our guys, Allan Buns kept telling us 'Make you guys get vim, we go make 500,000 pounds for this life and Mugeez wanted to slap him out of his day dream because Mugeez felt we needed to dream dreams we could reach. It sounded unrealistic but I can state now that... We have passed that figure now.

"The ultimate goal is to be a household name worldwide. Our Music is not for Ghanaians and Ghanaians living abroad but for everyone worldwide.

"I remember telling Mugeez at the beginning of the year that we need to put in work and who knows by the end of the year, Jay Z was going to be calling us, and we feel we are that close. We feel Jay Z can just call us and tell us he feeling our sound.

Answering a question on their dream collab, PaeDeezy added; "As far as music is concerned, it will be Drake."