"President Mahama is a “Disgrace” to Africa and His People" – President Mugabe

The AU Chairman made these comments in relation to a hasty decision Ghana’s President took in sympathizing with the French over the recent rebel attacks which led to a massacre.

Robert Mugabe noted……

“Mahama did little or nothing as ECOWAS chairman in helping curb the rebellion situation in Nigeria and the rest of African countries suffering in the hands of rebels on this continent. and the next thing I hear is Mahama is up condemning french attacks while he has not started or finished the attacks on his own personality for the mess he has done to his country and people.

I want that man to first address his own problems before extending hands. Or is it one of his usual means of deceiving the ignorant whites for loans which he never uses to build anything for his people but spend on himself and his sympathizers. In fact that man is a disgrace to his people and Africa. ”