Christmas Prank: Man Hires Fake Family and Sends Hilarious Confusing Photo to Relatives

by Alex Heigl

"Seasons Greetings from the Brassows. Josh and Patty 'Bone-Crusher' Johnson, and the boys Blade & Thor." 
That was the simple line emblazoned on the Christmas card Joshua Brassow, 25, sent out to his family this holiday season. Thankfully for his family, who were just hearing about the "new additions" for the first time, Brassow's loved ones were fakes, hired for a holiday practical joke. 

Brassow, a student at Michigan's Saginaw Valley State University, estimates the whole endeavor cost him about $50. "I had set aside $100 for the prank, estimating costs of the family, photographer/ studio fees and the cards. Family and photographer/ studio were free so I ended up paying about $50 to have 100 cards made," he wrote in a Facebook post.  

"I think I underestimated this thing. Might have to order another batch for everyone else who wants one."