6 Questions You Can Ask Siri For Hilarious Results

It turns out asking Siri "What's zero divided by zero?" isn't the only question that leaves the iPhone's digital assistant answering with a little bit of 'tude.

iPhone Siri's sassy response to a math question has people talking

Some facebook users shared their best Siri answers. Some of the responses they received are just so witty that it's hard to believe it's a digital sidekick answering. 

Looks like Siri may be adding Apple's in-house comedian to her resume!

Check out the 6 other questions you must ask Siri and her hilarious responses.

Kimberly Zinke / Facebook

Or she could respond:
Lori Peters / TODAY

Maybe she'll be feeling extra creative and give this answer:
Hilary Magaro / TODAY

She also may feel hopeless and respond with this:
Titi Dagnew / TODAY

Angela X. Musso / Facebook

She may get enthusiastic and let the song inspire her response:
Kimberly Harper Huntley / Facebook

Stacy Smith Drake / Facebook

Stacy Myers DeVer / Facebook

Change up the wording and ask "Have you ever been in love?" for a different answer:
Angela Kabaroff / TODAY

Donna Gilmore / Facebook

Misty Pair / Facebook

Siri could also answer in a more serious tone:
Renee Berry Kerley / Facebook

by:  Jordan Muto