BEWARE: This Viral Video Will Crash Your iPhone or iPad Within Seconds

Sometimes iPhones are destroyed by a Molotov cocktail and sometimes they simply blow up. But sometimes your iPhone just freezes up and refuses to work. In fact, there's a prank video going around that will cause your iPhone or iPad to crash within seconds of watching it. 
According to The VergeReddit usersfound a bug that will completely lock up your iPhone by simply clicking on an MP4 file video. If you get a link to the glitch in iMessage, iOS 10 will play the file, which appears to be corrupted. The file starts looping—showing a person standing by a bed with "Honey" written on the screen—before causing the iPhone to crash within seconds.
Once your phone freezes up, you have no choice but to hold the power button and home button at the same time until the phone resets. At that point, your phone will be back to normal, so this prank video won't completely screw you and your phone.
It's not clear how the glitch happens, but the Daily Mail reported that the video is hosted by Miaopai, a Russian social networking site. The glitch apparently works on iPhones and iPads but doesn't cause any problems for Android users.
So, if you have an iPhone or iPad, stay away from sketchy MP4 files for a while.
We've explained how to fix your phone if you're the victim of this prank, but maybe you're a really awful human being and are hoping to prank your friends with it. Maybe you have nothing better to do than cause your friends unnecessary frustration for no reason other than your own selfish entertainment. Don't be that guy—because that guy is terrible—but if you were that guy, you could maybe, I don't know, find it yourself. 
But don't do that to your friends. C'mon, you're better than that.