Cat Makes Funny Animal Chirps After Spotting A Bug On The Living Room Wall

If you’re a cat going crazy over a bug on the wall, what sound comes out of your mouth?

If you’re a cat named Rory, the answer is that you sound like a goat. The funny feline was caught on camera bleating like a goat begging for breakfast.

[Crazy Cats via Youtube]
The behavior is technically qualified as chattering, a behavior that both domestic and wild cats are known to perform. Nobody knows why exactly cats chatter, but animal behavioralists hypothesize the behavior stems from frustration.

If the cat can’t snatch the prey as his instincts tell him to, he may be chattering out of frustration. It’s also believed the chattering is merely a reflex motion in anticipation of performing the killing bite to the prey’s neck. Another theory is that it’s purely how the cat controls his over-the-top excitement at spotting the bird.

As for the chattering resembling the bleating of a goat, well, we can only start to guess at the reason for this. Perhaps the cat simply knows the value of entertaining his easily amused humans. Take a look at the funny video below and tell us your thoughts.

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[Featured Image: Crazy Cats via Youtube]