Hilarious Test Answers Kids Have Come Up With

These answers are so bad yet so funny that you'll be tempted to give them  A+.

The minds of children work in amazing ways — and when it comes to exams, their imaginations know no bounds, as evidenced by these amazing examples. I found these online

You're welcome.

This kid, who clearly has his head in the clouds.
Rainbows explain everything.
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Or this child, who takes instructions very literally.
Hey, she did what the test asked her to do.
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This sweet student with good intentions.
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Or this kiddo who is stating the obvious.

We think John Hancock would agree.
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This animal rights activist.
You tell 'em, kid!
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And this super generous little one.
It's every mother's dream gift.
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Don't forget about this math whiz.
Found it!
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Or this advocate of the maxim "sharing is caring."
She was clearly paying attention in kindergarten.
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This Beyonce-obsessed future astrologist.

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