These People Saw A Burning Car, When They Moved Closer They Discovered Something Shocking…

No human ever wishes to find themselves in a tricky situation, and much less one that threatens their own life. But these things happen, and when they do, there’s always someone available to lend a helping hand. This teen now knows that because he experienced the works of Good Samaritans first hand!

On this fateful day, 17-year-old Erik DePillars was driving under influence, and he ended up losing control of his SUV. The car ran into a tree, bursting into dangerous flames. He was going to burn to death!

Luckily for him, some strangers saw it and rushed over to pull him out. In fact, one of the people to show up with a fire extinguisher was a photographer from ABC7 News. After the incident, Erik was charged with DIU and other charges.

Watch the clip here covering the incident.

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