How To Make Money From Your Whatsapp Status in Ghana

Knowing how powerful the Whatsapp status can be, with over millions of individuals viewing photos and videos on WhatsApp status daily, a Ghanaian digital marketing company has developed a model for helping users of WhatsApp make money through their status by displaying ads on their status.

How Does Whatsad Work?

Whatsad works on a pay per view structure where Publishers are paid for the views they receive on ads posted on their status every 24 hours.

Advertisers (Individuals willing to market their business) contact Whatsad and register for an account on their platform. Then they pay Whatsad from 10 Cedis and above to advertise their products or services on the status of its marketers or publishers.

When an individual registers as a Publisher or Marketer with Whatsad, they are given specific images or videos via the platform which they are supposed to share on their status.

If by the end of the day, you get 50 views per ad on your status, you get paid 50 pesewas for each of those ads.

However, you can only withdraw when you reach a threshold of 5 cedis on your account. You can withdraw through all mobile payment methods available.

How To Use Whatsad As A Marketer

Follow these steps to start using Whatsad as a marketer.

  1. Visit or download the Whatsad Marketing App from Google PlayStore.
  2. Click on signin or login.
  3. Select Register.
  4. Enter your name, country, city, mobile money number, email address, and password..
  5. Click on register.
  6. Login to your account.
  7. Look under my ads tab.
  8. Select and download the ads available to you.
  9. Upload on your status and on social media.
  10. When you get over 50 views, take a screenshot and upload on the app or site to redeem your money.

The more the number of ads you display on your status from Whatsad, the more you tend to make money.



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