Students of KNUST left stranded following TEWU strike

Students at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology find themselves stranded on campus as the first day of the nationwide strike by the Tertiary Education Workers Union of Ghana (TEWU-Ghana) unfolds. The indefinite strike was initiated in response to the government's alleged failure to disburse extra-duty and car maintenance allowances, as well as Tier-2 pension funds, among other grievances.

Sulemana Abdul-Rahman, the National President of TEWU-Ghana, emphasized the establishment of task forces on university campuses to ensure the comprehensive adherence of their 10,000-plus members to the strike. Speaking to JoyNews, Abdul-Rahman underscored the role of local leaders in enforcing the strike and expressed confidence in the unwavering commitment of union members to press their demands.

The impact of the TEWU-Ghana strike is already evident at KNUST, where students face restrictions accessing crucial facilities such as the library and lecture halls, both of which remain closed due to the industrial action. Disappointed and stranded students were observed roaming the campus during a recent visit by JoyNews.

Charles Arthur, President of TEWU-Ghana KNUST, acknowledged the compliance of the university community with the strike but issued a warning. He stated that if the government persists in its stance, university management, including KNUST, might be compelled to close campuses. Arthur emphasized the potential repercussions on students, highlighting the essential role of the library and suggesting that prolonged strike action could force university management to take the drastic step of closing down the institutions.