Ghana's Electoral Commission Facilitates Student Voting with Campus Vote Transfers

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Ghana's Electoral Commission (EC) will allow students to transfer their votes to their campus locations for the upcoming general elections on December 7. The transfer process is scheduled for July 3-5, 2024. Daniel Oppong Kyeremeh, NUGS President, commended the EC's decision and urged students to participate. He also highlighted ongoing efforts to address stipend delays for Ghanaian students abroad.

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Ghana's Electoral Commission (EC) has decided to permit students to transfer their votes from their original registration locations to their campus locations. This decision aims to facilitate student participation in the upcoming general elections on December 7.

The EC has scheduled the vote transfer process to take place from Wednesday, July 3 to Friday, July 5, 2024, on school campuses throughout Ghana.

In a media briefing, Daniel Oppong Kyeremeh, President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), praised the EC for enabling vote transfers and establishing voter transfer centres across various campuses.

Mr. Kyeremeh encouraged all Ghanaian students to visit the voter transfer centres on their campuses with their ID cards for verification and activation of the transfer. He emphasized that students would only be allowed to transfer their votes to constituencies where their schools are located.

Additionally, Mr. Kyeremeh addressed the challenges concerning the delayed release of stipends for Ghanaian students studying abroad. He mentioned ongoing discussions with the Office of the Chief of Staff, the Education Minister, and the Scholarship Secretariat to resolve this issue.

Currently, students in Morocco are facing difficulties due to the delay in their stipends, a situation mirrored by students in Europe. However, Mr. Kyeremeh assured that steps are being taken to resolve these issues and provide the necessary support to affected students. (via MyJoyOnline)