Meta Expands Monetization Features for Content Creators in Ghana

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Meta has announced expanded monetization features for content creators in Ghana, allowing them to earn revenue from Facebook's in-stream ads and reel placements. The initiative aims to empower local creators, ensuring compliance with strict content and advertising policies to maintain user experience and business connections.

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Meta, through its Public Policy Manager for Anglophone West Africa, Sade Dada, has communicated to the Ministry of Information about the launch of expanded monetization features for content creators in Ghana.

Under these new features, creators will now have the opportunity to earn a share of revenue from Facebook’s in-stream ads, which are placed alongside their content. Additionally, Meta plans to introduce ads on reels, offering creators further opportunities to monetize their content on Facebook, with similar plans to expand these features to Instagram later this year.

To qualify for monetization, content creators must adhere to Meta Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies, which include stringent guidelines beyond community standards for content quality and presentation format. Advertisers are also required to comply with Meta’s advertising standards aimed at enhancing user experience and fostering meaningful connections between users and businesses across Meta’s platforms.

The introduction of these monetization tools is poised to empower Ghanaian content creators to generate income locally from their digital content and leverage advanced features to manage their online businesses. This expansion marks a significant milestone in supporting Ghana’s digital economy and enabling creators to enhance their online presence and brand development.

In response to Meta’s initiative, the Ministry of Information commended the company for its investment in Ghana’s digital future, expressing readiness to facilitate further collaboration between Meta and the New Media Association of Ghana to explore additional opportunities. The Ministry anticipates that this expansion will foster digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Ghana, creating new avenues for talented creators and bolstering the growth of the country’s digital ecosystem.