Want To Study Medicine in Ukraine? Here's All You Need To Know

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To study medicine in Ukraine universities is truly a rewarding investment of time and financial resources for career acquisition.

Although little known to many, Ukraine has one of the best Medical universities. Most of them are continuations on the foundations laid during the Soviet era. Those foundations have been greatly improved upon, integrating new developments in medical technology.

International students historically started medical education in Ukraine a long time ago, which dates back to the Soviet era. Then, being the second largest member of the Soviet Republic, Ukraine contributed in the training of medical students under the then existing student exchange scholarship program of the Soviet Union.

The all time number of international students trained as medical doctors in Ukraine runs into hundreds of thousands. Practicing medical doctors, trained in Ukraine’s different medical institutions, already have well over 20 years of professional practice in their different fields of specialization and career.

Whether practicing in the public sector, the private sector or as consultants, medical practitioners that studied medicine in Ukraine are known to have established their presence and professional expertise wherever they found themselves. The privilege or guided decision to study medicine in Ukraine has been a life changing and fulfilling experience for many.

Owing to some uninformed negative media publicity, it could be a challenging decision to study medicine in Ukraine. However, records show that well above 50% of Ukraine’s foreign students community, study medicine in Ukraine. This runs into tens of thousands. Obviously, this is an indication that Ukraine’s medical universities have something of value to offer, in the field of medicine.

However, before finally deciding to study medicine in Ukraine, do check the sections on requirements to study in Ukraine, and admission procedures to study in Ukraine. Basically, the steps are easy and straight: contact the medical university directly or through an education consultant like our company, OguCS Ltd., get an admission / invitation letter and process a study visa if applicable. The sections mentioned throw more light. Be sure to read them. You can apply now via the the pre-assessment application page.

Studying medicine in Ukraine, guarantees a learning process that combines practical teaching with underlying theories and recent medical developments.

Ukraine’s medical universities are distributed in the different regions of the country, and are mostly stand-alone medical universities. Courses offered range from general medicine to specialized medical courses, and other medical related courses like pharmacy, nursing, etc.

Educational standards is controlled by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Sciences, and monitors strict compliance with set standards. Students that study medicine in Ukraine are sure to receive quality and international standard medical education. The universities have international recognition from international organizations like WHO, UNESCO, etc

Besides good educational quality, another major incentive attracting lots of foreign students to study medicine in Ukraine universities is the cost advantage, compared to other European countries. Ukraine combines tuition cost advantage with low cost of living, yielding an affordable means of education. This is not specific to the health and medical field, but higher education generally in Ukraine.

Tuition fees, however, are not uniform, but vary from one university to another. While this has little to do with quality, the variation is basically based on promotional factors like location, popularity and available study languages. The fees also do change over time. We provide clients with current fees, during application process.

Visit requirements to study in Ukraine for further guidance to study medicine in Ukraine.