"Apologize to Ghanaian Christians by Monday" - Owusu Bempah to Otabil

Reverend Owusu Bempah says he has an issue with Ps Otabil over a viral sermon video where Otabil made some comments implying Christians tend to stop thinking when their faith increases.

Rev Bempah accused Pastor Otabil of insulting Christians who pay large sums of money in church.

"I respect Mensa Otabil a lot but I won’t have him call all prophets fake, there may be some fake prophets but the same way there are fake bible teachers too, he can’t put us all into one bracket,” he fumed.

“Unless Mensa Otabil tells me that he takes money collected in his church to heaven, we all use the monies collected in the church for God’s work, I am asking him to apologize to Ghanaian Christians and prophets by Monday, if not he will have me to contend with,” he warned.