"Nursing Trainee Quota Is About Quality Not Allowances" - Minister

Aboagye Gyedu, a Deputy Health Minister, has said the quota allocated to public and private nursing training schools is an attempt to increase the quality of training and it has nothing to do with the payment of trainee allowances.

Mr. Gyedu insisted that the quota put in place is to ensure and improvement of the quality of nurses.

“We want to ensure that the training environment is optimum so that you come out with the best knowledge and skill that you need to serve our people.”

Mr. Gyedu also stressed that “it has nothing to do with the payment of allowances that we promised our people.”

Congestion is a major problem in these schools and in consultation with the Health Infrastructure Regulatory Authority and the Nurses and Midwifery Council, the government came up with this solution to the problem

“What the nursing training colleges do is that, if you give them a quota, they exceed it. We are trying to be very firm, that this time around. In order to decongest the nursing and midwifery training colleges, we sent these two institutions to go round, do their checks and they have come out with an optimum number of people we can admit into the various nursing and midwifery training colleges depending o their capacity,” Mr. Gyedu explained.