UCC School of Medical Sciences to hold 8th White Coat Ceremony on Aug 10th

The University of Cape Coast SMS on the 10th of August 2017 will hold a White Coat Ceremony to mark the transition of level 400 students from the study of preclinical to clinical health sciences.

The White Coat ceremony, a ritual in medical school that involves a formal robbing of students in a doctor’s traditional wear, the white coat, will be the seventh to be organised by the UCCSMS, the first and only Medical School in Ghana that holds the ceremony.

They are expected to take the medical students’ oath which reads in part that they will practice medicine to the highest standards of conduct and seek what is best for their patients without allowing greed or stinginess to corrupt them 

8th White Coat Ceremony

Date: Thursday,10th August, 2017

Time: 9:00 Am

Venue: School of Medical Sciences Auditorium