Nyantakyi’s Defence Begins: It was refund not $65k bribe; “Anas set me up”

Embattled Former Ghana Football Association President Kwesi Nyantakyi is expected to give a response to alleged bribery he was involved in that has resulted in his resignation.

Photo: Kwesi Nyantakyi explaining to the 'investor' a plan to 'take over the whole country'

Sources close to the former president say the amount was not $65,000 as alleged by Anas Aremeyaw Anas. The amount was rather a $40,000 reimbursement for three trips to Dubai which Nyantakyi pre-financed. Kwesi Nyantkyi was asked to bear the cost of first class plane tickets to Dubai. Together with other officials, he went to Dubai thrice.

During those trips, Nyantakyi paid for the cost of airfare and the period of their hotel accommodation. The first meeting did not come on because the “investors “ could not make it. In the second visit, Nyantakyi finally met the fake 'Sheikh'. The “investors” had told him it would be refunded when he finally met them in Dubai.

He was given $40,000 when the two met in a hotel room where a secret camera recording the interactions during which Kwesi Nyantakyi told the 'investor' they could 'take over the whole country' if they paid the President and Vice-President $8m for contracts.

Photo: Bundles of dollars given to Nyantakyi as captured in the video

The total cost for all three trips was about $61,000, sources have revealed. The former president claims he was set up by Anas.