All you need to know about Ibrah One

1. He quit school after his Dad died so he can take care of his siblings

Ibrah one says he had to quit school after his dad died so he could run his Forex Bureau business so he could take care of his younger siblings. He revealed that he grew up in Dansoman and attended MASS Business Secondary School.

2. He’s being married for 10 years and has four kids

Yup, don’t drop your jaw. He said he got married at the age of 22 and has 4 kids. We may have seen just 2 of his kids on Social media but there are actually 2 more kids of his.

3. He’s into the selling of cars, renting of cars, and selling and renting of Properties.

According to him, during the time he was running his father’s Forex Burea business after his death, he picked interest in selling of cars and so he started that business too. He also got into real estate and has apartments that he rents and sells. So basically his income streams come from Forex Burea, selling and renting of cars, and real estate business.

4. He built his first house at the age of 24 and it cost him $161,000

√•Yeah, he built his first house at the age of 24 and it cost him $161,000. He said that was when the gossips started coming in that he was into Sakawa and drug trafficking but he says he’s not into any of that but he’s not bothered by people’s opinions about him anymore.

5. He said People he helped Back-stabbed him

According to Ibrah 1, the people he helped financially to start a business were the same people who back-stabbed him and are responsible for all the drama that happened some weeks ago.

6. He’s A Barcelona Fan

Ibrah says he loves football and is a fan of Barcelona and admires Messi a lot.

7. He owns 4 Cars now

According to Ibrah, he has four cars now. He has the Audi R8, a Benz CLS, and a G-Wagon…We’ve forgotten the 4th one. He has lots of other cars, he’s selling every now and then so sometimes it’s hard to tell which ones he’s not selling but the 3 are ones we see him drive most of the time. He owned a Ferrari sometime back but he’s sold that one already.