Massive Flooding in Accra After Wednesday Morning Downpour


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Accra has experienced severe flooding in numerous areas following a heavy downpour early Wednesday morning. Major roads such as those from the Airport through Shangri-La to Shiashie are impassable, causing extensive traffic congestion and stranding commuters. Businesses have closed, and residents are calling for urgent assistance from NADMO to manage the aftermath.

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Accra, Ghana's capital city, has been severely affected by extensive flooding following a heavy downpour that began early Wednesday morning. The rainfall, which started around 3 am in some areas, has caused significant disruption across the city, particularly impacting road users and local businesses.

Major roads, including the route from the Airport through Shangri-La to Shiashie, have been submerged under floodwaters, rendering them impassable and causing massive traffic gridlock. Other areas severely affected include Tantra Hill, Adabraka Sahara, the Ofankor Pokuase stretch, the Accra-Tema motorway, and First Light, among others.

The flooding has forced many shops to close, while some car owners have parked their vehicles to prevent water damage to their engines. Commuters have been left stranded, facing difficulties in navigating through the flooded streets.

Residents and commuters alike are urging the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to intervene swiftly to mitigate the impact of the flooding and provide necessary relief efforts.

The situation highlights the vulnerability of Accra to heavy rainfall and underscores the urgent need for improved urban planning and infrastructure to manage such natural occurrences effectively.