Mahama Ayariga threatens court action over ‘illegal’ university fees

Bawku Central MP Mahama Ayariga has immediate plans of going to court if public universities do not use the proper channels and seek Parliamentary approval for fees they charge.

This came as a result of university authorities instructing students to pay what The MP described as “illegal” fees.

The University Students Association of Ghana early on made a statement informing all students of public tertiary institutions not to pay their recently increased fees for the 2017/2018 academic year until Parliament approves the increase.

Mr. Ayariga, who is now in opposition after his party, the NDC suffered a terrible defeat in the 2016 general elections said “it is important for Parliament to exercise oversight because with public universities government financing is going into them and so if you are charging fees we need to know exactly what the fees are for.”

“By law…all public institutions that are rendering service and charging for the service will have to bring their fees and charges to Parliament for approval before they can levy those fees and charges. Education institutions owned by the state must all submit fees they charge and charges that are levied for Parliament for approval. They have not been doing that, only one public university, Wa polytechnic, ever brought their fees to Parliament for approval.”